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CFNS Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (NS Series) moulded case circuit breaker(MCCB) is one of the most advanced type breakers in the world, which adopts international advanced design ...
Min. Order: 10 Pieces
High pressure die-cast aluminum alloy painting with corrosion-resistance and durable use;
High-temp resistent glass shade, pure aluminum reflector with professionally designed ...
Min. Order: 5 Pieces
The GGL load isolations switch is suitable for the circuit with AC 50Hz, rated voltage 660V AC, DC rated voltage 440V, rated current 160A, .
It is suitable for operating and ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
APPLICATION: CFR7 series thermal overload relay is suitable for using in power system with AC 50/60 Hz, rated operation voltage up to 660V and 1000V, current from 0.1A to 630A. It ...
Min. Order: 10 Pieces
Application: CFC2-2D series AC contactor is suitable for suing in the circuits up to rated voltage 660V AC 50/60Hz, rated current up to 95A, for making, breaking, frequently ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Product Description
Main Technical Specification:

Item No. Color( French color or Germany color)
E0508 White or Orange
E7508 Blue or White
E7510 Blue or White
E1008 ...
CF65NL Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker:
Type: 1P+N, 2P. 3P+N, 4P.
FOB Price: US $10 / Piece
Min. Order: 1 Piece

The thermal overload relays are suitable for overload protection of AC motor operated on 8-hours duty uninterupted duty. The overload protected AC motor with ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
The series Single phase meter is a kind of induction meter to measure the single phase current at rated frequency of 50Hz. It is installed indoor.

Ambient temperature: -10C to ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Product Description
Main Technical Specification:

Wire Range: 1.5-2.5mm2(A. W. G. 16-14)
Max. Electrical Rating. Imax=15A

Long Full Insulated middle Joint
Red colour ...
Min. Order: 10,000 Pieces

PZ30-2 150X85X80 180X120X80
PZ30-4 160X140X85 187X167X85
PZ30-6 200X70X90 227X197X90
PZ30-8 200X210X90 237X227X90
PZ30-10 260X260X90 ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
CTH-P Thermal Over-Current Relay: 0.19A-54A
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Product Name: Programmable timer
Spec&Model: SUL181
Full time range: 24Hours
Contact Resistance: ≤ 50mΩ
Insulation Resistance: ≥ 100mΩ
Operating Temperature: ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
DIN-sized 48× 48mm.
Improved production JSS48, Counting UP/DOWN.
As connection with nuts, the length of the crust is deduced 10 percents than before.
Timers have 6 choices ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece

TYPE Dimensions
1 420X270X140
2 420X380X140
3 420X520X140
4 420X600X140
Min. Order: 1 Piece
7 years export experience, export all over the world(manufacturer)
Product Name: Solid State Relay
Model Number: SSR-40 DA, SSR-25 DA, SSR-10DAPlace of Origin: ChinaModel: ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Body and door manufactured in 1.5mm sheet steel.
Flat mounting plate in 2.5mm sheet steel.

FATO standard cycle thermosetting epoxypolyester powder coating.
Case and ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
BS power push button switch is applicable to the motor of the voltage up to 500V and the capacity up to 3KV for the directly starting run and breaking. Also for in frequently ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
CFDB distribution system is suitable for circuit of AC50/60Hz, rated voltage up to AC660V, rated current up to 125A for distributing control of modern buliding such as large office ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Afr-1 Floatless Relay

Classification Floatless Relay
Model Afr-1
Dimesions(Mm) 61h 49W 70d
Socket Type Pf083A
Mode Gendral Afr-1
High Sensing ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
We produce all kinds of low voltage products including contactors, thermal overload relay, Circuit Breaker, mangnetic starter and so on. LR2-D series of thermal relay can be used ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
GCK Switchgear:

Use in station, wharf, building, factory, and so on.

Use condition: Useing high< 2000m
-15c< temperature< 40c
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Demension: 81x36x66mm

Workmode: 15days

Programmable: 9time/week or day

Expectancy display: LCD

Contact Form: ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Product Description:

Bell transformer is applicable to circuit of AC 50Hz, operating voltage up to 250V. With output power capacity 3.8VA and 8VA and the product function as ...
Min. Order: 10 Pieces